The Corona Concerts

Hi everyone: With the Covid 19 Health Crisis eliminating my concert work, I will now be live streaming a short half hour volunteer performance on Facebook every evening at 7PM. Everyone is welcome and videos of past performances will appear here in chronological order (newest on top, including setlist of upcoming concerts). Thanks to everyone for continuing to participate in this live music community ... We are TOGETHER apart!!!

The 15th Corona Concert: Friday April 3: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Crosseyed Cat (Morganfield)Montreal Cappuccino (Brownell), D'yer Maker (Page. Plant), Ave Maria (Schubert), Espresso Grind (Brownell),  Radetzky March (Strauss), The Way We Were (Bergman, Bergman, Hamlisch), Minuet in G / Minuet in Gm (Bach), Ramblin' Man (Betts),

The 14th Corona Concert: Thursday April 2: Here

Intro: Drone in G, Just a Gigolo (Brammer, Caesar, Casucci, Graham, Williams), Emperor Waltz (Strauss), You are My Sunshine (Hurt) / Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (Trad), The Entertainer (Joplin), Air on a G String (Bach), Heaven is in Your Mind (Brownell)

The 13th Corona Concert: Wednesday April 1: Here

Intro: Drone in D,  Werewolves of London (Zevon)

Merry Widow 1 (Lehar), Kodachrome (Simon), 

Sonatina (Beethoven), Carry Me Carrie (Silverstein),  

La Rejouissance (Handel), Carey (Mitchell)

April Waltz (Brownell), Not Fade Away (Holly),

The 12th Corona Concert: Tuesday March 31: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Iko Iko (Dr. John) / Down South in New Orleans (Charles),  Waltz for Luba (Brownell), Cecilia (Simon), Pour un Instant (Fiori, Normandeau), None but the Lonely Heart (Tchaikovsky), Ring Around the Rosie Rag (Guthrie), Moscow Nights (Matusovsky, Solovyov-Sedoi), AidenWaiden (Who's the Best Boy in the Whole Wide World?) (Brownell), Two Guitars (Trad)

The 11th Corona Concert: Monday March 30: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Angel from Montgomery (Prine), Sugar Magnolia (Hart, Hunter, Lesh)Flight of the Hawk (Brownell)Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul (O'Brien), Spring Song (Mendelssohn), I'm Bad (Jackson), Wonderful Tonight (Clapton)

The 10th Corona Concert: Sunday March 29: Here

Intro: Drone in Eb, Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying (Medema), Morning has Broken (Farjeon, Wakeman), Sonatina Op. 26-1 (Clementi), Shalom Elechem 

Melech Israel /Tumblalaika / Israel Chai (Carlebach), 

Venetian Gondola Song (Mendelsssohn), Could You Be Loved (Marley), In the Bulb There is a Flower (Sleeth)

I'll Be There (Davis, Gordy Hutchison, West)

The 9th Corona Concert: Saturday March 28: Here

Intro: Drone in Gm, Harry Potter Theme (Williams)

The Iberian Dances 1: Call from the Alhambra,

2: Malaga Habanera, 3: Valencia Waltz, 4: Galician Lament, 5: Toledo Hora, 6: Spanish Serenade,

7: Return to the Alhambra (Brownell),

Take My Breath Away (Hamill)

The 8th Corona Concert: Friday March 27: Here

Intro: Drone in G, Ziggy Stardust (Bowie)Princess Waltz (Brownell), Imagine (Lennon), Richards), Waltz in Am (Chopin), Can't Give You Anything but Love (Fields, Hugh), Serenade (Schubert), Black or White (Jackson), To a Wild Rose (MacDowell), Truckin'(Garcia, Hunter, Lesh, Weir)

The 7th Corona Concert: Thursday March 26: Here

Intro: Drone in D, Sweet Home Alabama (Collins, Van Zant)Two Birthdays in July (Brownell), Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon), An die Musik (Schubert), Come and Get Your Love (Vegas),  Largo (Handel), Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell)Ripple (Garcia, Hunter), Ed's Boogie (Brownell)

The 6th Corona Concert: Wednesday March 25: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Fire on the Mountain (Hart, Hunter),

Skater's Waltz (Waldteufel), That's Alright Mama (Crudup)

Jesu Joy (Bach), Will It Go Round In Circles (Preston), 

Wish You Were Here (Waters), Czardas (Monti), Thriller (Temperton), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

The 5th Corona Concert: Tuesday March 24: Here

Intro: Drone in D, Statesboro Blues (McTell), Tangier Suite 1: P'tit Souk, 2: Kasbah, 3: Medina, 4: Interzone, 5: Return to P'tit Souk (Brownell), Blowing in the Wind (Dylan), 

Nocturne in Eb (Chopin), I Know You Rider (Trad), 

Fledermaus (Strauss Jr.)Ghostbusters (Parker)

The 4th Corona Concert: Monday March 23: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Scarlet Begonias (Garcia, Hunter),

Gypsy Baron (Strauss Jr.), Dixie Chicken (George), 

Pathetique 2nd Mov. (Beethoven), I Want You Back (Gordy, Mizell, Perren, Richards), Wave (Jobim), Matchmaker (Harnick, Jerrold), Gypsy Dance (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

The 3rd Corona Concert: Sunday March 22: Here

Intro: Drone in Fm, Just Dropped In (Newbury) / The Gambler (Schlitz), Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov. (Beethoven), Rhiannon (Nicks), The Magic Forest 3, 4 (Brownell). In the Garden (Miles), Hava Nagila (Trad) / Friend of the Devil (Garcia, Hunter)Hallelujah (Cohen)

The 2nd Corona Concert: Saturday March 21: Here

Intro: Drone in A, Here Comes the Sun (Harrison),

Three Little Birds / Stir It Up (Marley), The Magyk Forest 1, 2 (Brownell), Can You Feel It (M., J. Jackson),

Franklin's Tower (Garcia, Kreutzmann, Hunter)​, Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Ellington), 

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

The 1st Corona Concert: Friday March 20: Here

Intro: Drone in C, Hummingbird Waltz (Brownell), 

One for All (Brownell, Couture, Fallis), The Water Sprites 1: The Source, 2: The Mirror Pool, 3: The Enchanted River (Brownell),  Eyes of the World (Garcia, Hunter),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

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