The Corona Concerts

Part One Here             Part Two Here          Part Three Here

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Hi everyone: The Covid 19 Health Crisis has changed the world completely. One part of this change has meant that all live performances by musicians have gone online. With the help of my beautiful wife and my mom, I was lucky to adjust quickly to the new situation and started broadcasting on Facebook Live every evening at 7PM, doing 67 Corona Concerts from March 20th to May 31st. These shows and their setlists can be accessed Here.


I was quite exhausted after this effort, but the Corona Family which grew around the broadcasts kept me inspired and energized, so I began the Second Round of Concerts on June 2nd. These took place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 7PM (with an "adult" show at 9PM the second Friday of each month) and can be accessed Here.


After six months working non-stop, we ended the series with our 100th Corona Family Concert on Friday September 11th. It was time to take a little rest to get ready for my wife and I to move into our new home.


More than 2 months later we restarted the Corona Family Concerts with the Third Series. This began on November 28 and continues every Saturday evening at 7PM until the end of the Pandemic. You can see these shows Here.

Please feel free to visit each concert, share your favourites, and follow me on Facebook to see my performances live as they begin again. You won't believe the loving and happy community I am part of. We have people from every country on earth, and I am proud to say a large number are our very own front-line health care workers.


Our Corona Family has also given back: With the help of Oxfam-Quebec, we came together to raise over $3000 for Lebanon in two concerts on August 17 and 22!!! In you are not yet in the family, I invite you to come and be an active part of this warm, welcoming and wonderful group in the Third Corona Family Concert Series. Can't wait to see you at the shows ... LOVE YOU!!!