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The Corona Family

Concerts Part One

The 67th Corona Concert: Sun May 31: Here
Intro: Drone in D (Brownell), Stateboro Blues (McTell), We'll Meet Again (Clarke, Hugh), Espresso Grind (Brownell), Ripple (Garcia, Hunter), Kew Garden Waltz (Brownell), 
Wonderful Tonight (Clapton), Ein Gedi 
Suite 1, 2 (Brownell), Forever Young (Dylan), 
Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens (Jordan), 
Hallelujah (Cohen), Imagine (Lennon), Music in Me (Boshell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik), Aiden Waiden (Brownell)


The 66th Corona Concert: Saturday May 30: Here
Intro: AidenWaiden (Brownell), Old Blue Jeans (Brownell), The Iberian Dances 1: Call from the Alhambra, 2: Malaga Habanera, 3: Valencia Waltz,
4: Galician Lament, 5: Toledo Hora, 6: Spanish Serenade, 7: Return to the Alhambra (Brownell),
There is a Time (Brownell), Ed's Boogie (Brownell)




The 65th Corona Concert: Friday May 29: Here

Drone in D, Listen to the Music (Johnston), 

Honeysuckle Rose (Waller), Dancing Queen 

(Andersson, Ulvaeus), Unchain My Heart 

(Charles), Blues for Richard (Brownell), 

AidenWaiden (Brownell), Mercedes Benz (Joplin), Sugar Sweet (King), Same Old 

Blues (King), Thin Ice (Brownell), My Girl 

(Robinson, White), Cogwheel (Brownell), 

Music in Me (Houston)





The 64th Corona Concert: Thursday May 28: Here

Drone in A (Brownell), Hard to Handle (Bell, Redding), 

Montreal Cappucino (Brownell), Wild Horses (Jagger, Richard), Claire de Lune (Debussy), Autumn Leaves (Mercer), Symphony No. 6 Theme (Tchaikowsky), C-Jam Blues (Ellington, Peterson), Gimme Some Loving (Winwood), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell)



The 63rd Corona Concert: Wed May 27: Here Here 

Drone in F (Brownell), Talk to Your Daughter (Ford), Easy Money (Jones), Largo (Dvorak),

Karma (Brownell), A Thousand Years

(Hodges, Perry), Walking Blues (Johnson),

The Inside Track (Brownell), La Vie en Rose

(Louiguy, Piaf), Ed's Boogie (Brownell)

The 62nd Corona Concert: Tuesday May 26: Here
Intro: Drone in G (Brownell), Trouble No More (Dixon), Trois Gymnopedies (Satie), Mean Old World (Reed), I Love You (Grieg), Wild Sunflower (Brownell), Sisters (Brownell) / Princess
Waltz (Brownell), Aiden Waiden (Brownell), 
How Sweet it is to be Loved By You (Gaye)


The 61st Corona Concert: Sun May 24: Here
Intro, Groovin' (Brigati, Cavaliere‎),
Harmonika (Trad), Let There Be Light
(Davis, Fleming),
In a Monastery Garden (Kettelby
), I Danced in the Morning (Carter), What's Become
of the Silly Old Man (Trad), Sunrise,
Sunset (Bock, Schultz), Nearer My God
to Thee (Adams, Mason), Johnny Goode
(Berry), That's the Way God Planned It
(Preston), Aiden Waiden (Brownell)


The 60st Corona Concert: Saturday May 23: Here
Intro: Drone in A (Brownell), Nightlife (Nelson), The 
Magic Forest 1-4 (Brownell), Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Cox), La Donna e Mobile (Verdi), My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rogers),
Oberon (Weber), Summertime (Gershwin), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik), AidenWaiden (Brownell)


The 59th Corona Concert: Friday May 22: Here
Intro: Drone in D, Eyes of the World (Garcia, Hunter), Don't You Lie to Me (Whittaker), Water Sprites 1: The Source, 2: The Mirror Pool, 3: The Enchanted River (Brownell), Nine Below Zero (Dixon), Two Birthdays in July (Brownell), Hoochie Coochie Man (Dixon), 
Can't Always Get What You Want (Jagger, Richard), Feeling Alright (Mason), Smile Baby Smile
(Surik, Brownell), AidenWaiden (Brownell)


The 58th Corona Concert: Thursday May 21: Here
Intro: Drone in F (Brownell), Makin' Whoopee (Donaldson, Khan), Jamaica Farewell (Burgie), Born Free (Barry, Black), The River of Love 1-4 (Brownell), Hey Good Looking (Williams), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik), Basie's Blues (Basie)


The 57th Corona Concert: Wednesday May 20: Here
Intro: Drone in C, After Midnight (Cale),
Waltz in Eb (Tchaikovsky), Oh Darling (Lennon, McCartney), Andante Cantabile from Serenade
for Strings (Tchaikowsky), Behind Blue Eyes (Townsend), The Diplomat / Vilja's Song (Lehar),
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison)


The 56th Corona Concert: Tuesday May 19 Here
Intro: Drone in G, Caledonia (Jordan), Waltzing Matilda (Cowan, Paterson), Lay Down Sally (Clapton, Levy, Terry), Musetta's Waltz
(Puccini), Goodnight Irene (Ledbetter), Les Amours de Tutu et Lili (Belanger, Boulerice, Brownell, Ouellette), The Merry Widow Overture (Lehar), Proud Mary (Fogerty), Layla (Clapton)


The 55th Corona Concert: Sun. May 17: Here
Intro: Drone in D, Great is They Faithfulness (Chisholm, Runcyan, Segger), The Girl from
Ipanima (Jobim), I the Lord of Sea and Sky (Schutte), Fraylach (Trad), Open My Eyes
That I May See (Scott), Donna Donna
(Secunda), How Sweet the Name of Jesus
Sounds (Reinagle), Take Five (Desmond),
Frailoch 2 (Trad), I Feel the Winds of God
(Adams, Williams), Aiden Waiden (Brownell),
When a Man Loves a Woman (Sledge)


The 54th Corona Concert: Saturday May 16 Here
Intro: Drone in G, Rockin Pneumonia (Smith), Heart Attack (Cotton), Minuet from Don Giovanni (Mozart), Give Me a Little Kiss (Pinkard, Smith, Turk), Faust 
Waltz (Gounod), I'm in the Mood for Love (Fields, Hugh), One Fine Day (Puccini), Hey Hey, My My
(Young), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)





The 53rd Corona Concert: Friday May 15: Here


Drone in G, Freaker's Ball (Silverstein), Ed's Blues (Brownell) Handyman (Hunter), Cocaine (Cale),

I Love LovingYou (Brownell), Long Haired

Country Boy (Daniels), Sex Machine (Brown), The Pusher (Aston), Let's Go Get Stoned (Charles), Bobby Brown (Zappa), Casey Jones (Garcia, Hunter)




The 52nd Corona Concert: Thursday May 14: Here

Drone in D, Tocatta and Fugue (Bach), Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Jordan), Cradle Song (Brahms),

A Hard Day's Night (Lennon, McCartney), Turkey in

the Straw (Trad), Breathe (Waters), Sleeping Beauty

Waltz (Tchaikovsky), Flip, Flop and Fly (Calhoun, Turner)




The 51st Corona Concert: Wednesday May 13: Here

Drone in D, Godfather (Rota), Higher Ground 

(Wonder), The Blue Danube (Strauss Jr.), Fire on the Mountain (Caldwell),

Solweig's Song (Grieg), Momo Blues (Belanger, Brownell, Ouellet), Tequila (Rio),

Dear Mr. Fantasy (Capaldi, Winwood) 

The 50th Corona Concert: Tuesday May 12: Here
Intro: Drone in Am, Songs for Canada
1: Atlantic Storm, 2: First Contact,
3: La Gigue de la Riviere Rouge,
4: Song of the North, 5: Bow River Sunrise,
6: Wreck Beach Sunset (Brownell),


The 49th Corona Concert: Sunday May 10: Here
Intro: Drone in C, Hummingbird Waltz (Brownell), Will Your Anchor Hold (Kirkpatrick, Owens), This
Little Light of Mine (Loes), Finjan (Kevess,
Schwartz, Wilensky), Rock of Ages (Toplady), Yiddishe Mama (Pollack, Yellen), Czardas in Am
#2 (Brownell), Que Sera, Sera (Evans, Livingston),
Our Father (Malotte), Take My Breath Away (Hamill)


The 48th Corona Concert: Saturday May 9: Here
Intro: Drone in F, Yellow Submarine (Lennon / McCartney), The Bridgroom's Walk (Brownell),
Can't You See (Caldwell), The Tales of Hoffman:
Can Can / Waltz / Barcarolle / Can Can (Offenbach),
High Hopes (Cahn, Van Heusen), Wedding March (Mendelssohn), Tutti Frutti (Penniman)


The 47th Corona Concert: Friday May 8: Here
Intro: Drone in F, Cabaret (Ebb, Kander), Prelude in Em (Chopin), Face the Music (Brownell), Funny How Time Just Slips Away (Nelson), Montreal Cappuccino (Brownell), King of the Road (Miller), Many Rivers to Cross (Cliff), Des Blues Passent Pu Dans Portes (Boulet, Harel, LeBoeuf), She's Not There (Argent) / Evil Ways (Henry)


The 46th Corona Concert: Thursday May 7: Here
Intro: Drone in D, Me and Julio (Simon), Waltz from the Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky), I Got it Bad (Ellington, Strayhorn), La Cinquantaine (Marie), Yesterday (McCartney), Secrets (Brownell), Little Wing (Hendrix),
Vaicerom (Lakatos), What I Say (Charles)


The 45th Corona Concert: Wednesday May 6: Here
Intro: Drone in A, One Way Out (Morganfield), Queen Charlotte's Cottage (Brownell), Hit the Road Jack (Charles), Waves of the Danube (Ivanovici), Sweet Melissa (Allman), The Scientist / Song for my Father
(Brownell)Hotel California (Felder, Frey, Henley)

The 44th Corona Concert: Tuesday May 5: Here
Intro: Drone in G, Corona Blues (Brownell), Battery Park Wedding Song (Brownell), Why are People Like That (Charles), Waltz in Ab (Brahms), Ohio (Young), Sonata in C K. 545 (Mozart), Ramblin' Man (Betts),
For What It's Worth (Stills, Young)


The 43rd Corona Concert: Sunday May 3: Here
Intro: Drone in G, Ochi Chernye (Hermann), Fairest Lord Jesus (Francis, Willis), Fiddler on
the Roof (Bock, Walker), Minuet in Dm
(Bach), Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (Hughes, Williams), Air (Purcell), Swing
Down Chariot (Rufus), Oif'n Pripitshik 
(Trad), Good Golly Miss Molly (Blackwell, 
Marascalco), Allegro in F (Haydn), Got the Whole World in His Hands (Henry, Lindon), The Miller (Paisiello), Those Were the Days (Raskin)






The 42nd Corona Concert: Saturday May 2: Here

Intro: Drone in E, Drift Away (Wood), Il Trovatore (Verdi), Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Morrison), Chickenshack (Dixon), Just Sing (Aarons, Goransson, Martin, Rowe, Timberlake), Lohengrin Bridal Chorus (Wagner), Let's Get It On (Gaye), Nights in White Satin (Lanz), Lola (Davies)


The 41st Corona Concert: Friday May 1: Here
Intro: Drone in E, Born to be Wild (Bonfire), 
Liebeslied (Kreisler), Further on Up the Road (Cale),
In a Monastery Garden (Kettelby), Bright Lights Big City (Reed), Jupiter (Holst), It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding (Dylan), Romeo and Juliet (Tchaikowsky)

The 40th Corona Concert: Thursday April 30: Here
Intro: Drone in G, April Waltz (Brownell), Helpless
(Young), Hungarian Dance #5 (Brahms), Riders on
the Storm (Morrison), Neopolitan Dance
(Tchaikowsky), Who Really Loves You (Brownell),
Pas de Deux (Adam), Forever Young (Dylan),
Black Magic Woman (Green) Oye Como Va (Puente)


The 39th Corona Concert: Wednesday April 29: Here
Intro: Drone in Gm, Rocket Man (John, Taubin), 
Blue Monk (Monk), Besame Mucho (Velasquez)
Mother's Love Waltz (Brownell), Don't Think Twice
It's Alright (Dylan), Lover Man (Arlen, Koehler), Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City (Bland)Sugarplum Fairy (Tchaikowsky), Birthday (Lennon, McCartney)


The 38th Corona Concert: Tuesday April 28: Here
Intro: Drone in Am, Chitlin con Carne (Burrell), 
Werewolves of London (Zevon), The Swan (Saints-Seans), La Mantovana (Cenci), One Sweet Night (Brownell), French Song (Tchaikovsky), Desperado
(Frey, Henley), The Moldau (Smetana),
Hatikva (Censi, Imber), O Canada (Lavallée)


The 37th Corona Concert: Monday April 27: Here
Intro: Drone in C, Jerusalem of Gold (Hirsh) /
Exodus (Gold)The Inside Track (Brownell)
Nature Boy (Ahbez), La Valse d'Amelie(Tiersen),  
Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon, Henderson), Bolero (Ravel)Cover of the Rolling Stone
(Silverstein), Could Have Been a Lady (Brown, Wilson)


The 36th Corona Concert: Sunday April 26: Here
Intro: Drone in C, To Life (Bock, Harnick), Cowherd's
Song (Grieg), Breathe on Me Breath of God (Hatch, Jackson), Mazurka (Chopin)Oi Mamme! Bin Ich 
Failiebt! (Ellstein), Mazurka (Delibes), Blue Moon (Hart, Rogers), Baroque Fanfare (Mouret)What a Friend
We Have in Jesus (Converse, Scriven), Have Nagila (Trad)


The 35th Corona Concert: Saturday April 25: Here
Intro: Drone in A, Fly Me To The Moon (Howard),
The Pink Panther (Mancini)Before You Accuse Me
(Cale), O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini), Mack the Knife
(Weill), Meditation (Jobim),  As Time Goes By (Hopfeld), 
O Soave Funciulla / Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen (Puccini)
Love Me Tender (Matson, Presley), O Sole Mio (Trad)


The 34th Corona Concert: Friday April 24: Here
Intro: Drone in F, Tales of the Vienna Woods
(Strauss Jr.), Deep Elem Blues (Garcia, Hall, Hart, 
MidlandKreutzmann), Schernezade (Rimsky-
Korsakov), Drinking Song (Donnely, Romberg), 
The Doll's Lament (Franck), Joy to the World (Axton), Polevetsian Dances (Borodin), Darktown Strutter's
Ball (Brooks), Here Comes the Sun (Harrison)


The 33rd Corona Concert: Thursday April 23: Here
Intro: Drone in A, Ein Gedi 1: The Negev, Ein Gedi 2: Founding '57, Ein Gedi 3: Val David, Ein Gedi
4: Dead Sea Sacrifice, Ein Gedi 5: The Kibbutz, 
The Truth Hurts (Brownell), Orlando Prayer (Brownell),
Choose Your Own Way (Edwin & the Bedouins)

The 32nd Corona Concert: Wednesday April 22: Here
Intro: Drone in A, Get Back (Lennon, McCartney), Vienna
Life (Strauss Jr.), Dock of the Bay (Redding), Estralitta
(Ponce), Ticket to Paradise (Brownell), Chanson Triste (Tchaikowsky), Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell),
Pizzicato (Delibes), Ain't Nobody Here But Us
Chickens (Jordan), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 31st Corona Concert: Tuesday April 21: Here & Here Intro: Drone in Dm, Shtiler Shtiler (Wolkoviski),
White Cliffs of Dover (Burton, Kent), Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Foster), Edelwiess (Hammerstein, Rogers), Nabucco Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (Verdi), As Time Goes By (Hupfeld), Waltz in Ab (Chopin), What the World Needs Now is Love (Bacharach), Eli Eli (Szenes, Zehavi), I'ld Like to Teach the World to Sing (Backer, Cook, Davis, Greenway)


The 30th Corona Concert: Monday April 20: Here
Intro: Drone in Em, Schindler's List Theme (Williams), Prelude in F (Chopin), Don't Bogart Me (Ingber, Wagner), Artists Life (Strauss), Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Ellington, Strayhorn), Ich Liebe Dich (Beethoven), Prelude in C (Bach), Baby I Love You (Aretha), You Can Leave Your Hat On (James)


The 29th Corona Concert: Sunday April 19: Here
All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Kethe), Prelude in C / Prelude in A (Chopin), Ose Shalom (Hirsh), Melody in F (Rubenstein), Die Greene Koseene (Prizant, Schwartz),
My Beloved Emily (Brownell, Modlin), Jesus Loves Me (Bradbury, Warner), Variations on a Theme (Mozart)JoyfuJoyful (Beethoven), Winking From a Star (Brownell) 


The 28th Corona Concert: Saturday April 18: Here
Intro: Drone in E, Blue Sky (Betts), Shiri (Brownell), Leaving on a Jet Plane (Denver), The Bell Song (Delibes), Danny's All Star Joint (Jones)
Nessun Dorma (Puccini), Aiden-Waiden (Brownell), The Evening Star (Wagner), Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg), Moondance (Morrison)


The 27th Corona Concert: Friday April 17: Here
Intro: Drone in C, Music Box Dancer (Mills),
Signed Sealed Delivered (Wonder), Le Temps d'une Chanson (Léveillé), The Harder They Come (Cliff), Solace (Joplin), Wasn't Born to Follow (King),
The River of Love 1-4 (Brownell), Basie's Blues (Basie)


The 26th Corona Concert: Thursday April 16: Here
Intro: Drone in G 4 (Brownell), I Shot the Sheriff (Marley),  Sonatina in F (Beethoven), Always on My Mind (Nelson), Dance of the Reed Flutes
(Tchaikowsky), The Weight (Robertson), 
Waltz in C#m (Chopin)
Little Sister (Pomus, Shuman) 


The 25th Corona Concert: Wednesday April 15: Here
Intro: Drone in E 1 (Brownell), Magic Carpet Ride (Kay), Voices of Spring (Strauss), Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan), Jerusalem Smiles (Brownell, Zanca), Low Blood
Sugar Blues (Brownell), Trois Gymnopedies (Satie),
Man Smart, Women Smarter (Belafonte), La Fille au
Cheveux de Lin (Debussy), Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)


The 24th Corona Concert: Tuesday April 14: Here
Intro: Drone in D 5 (Brownell), Dead Flowers (Jagger, Richards), Kew Garden Waltz (Brownell, Zanca), Rockin the Blues (Brownell), Psalm for David and Loredana (Brownell, Zanca), Brown Eyed Women (Garcia, Hunter), Begin the Beguine (Porter), Fever (Lee), Sonatina (Kuhlau), She's Gone (Brownell)


The 23rd Corona Concert: Monday April 13: Here
Intro: Drone in C 4 (Brownell), Dayenu (Trad), Amazing Grace (Newton, Walker), The Homecoming (Hardy), I Have a Dream (Andersson, Ulvaeus), Frayloch (Trad) / Tangier 1 (Brownell), Abide With Me (Lyle,Milner, Monkl), O Rest in the Lord (Mendelssohn), 
My Eyes Have Seen the Glory (Carroll), Rose Adagio (Tchaikovsky), Jesus Christ is Risen Today (Trad)

The 22nd Corona Concert: Saturday April 11: Here
Intro: Drone in C 3 (Brownell), Mercy Mercy Mercy 
(Zawinul), Have Mercy (Covay), Forever Laughter (Brownell), Up on Cripple Creek (Robertson), E lucevan
le stelle (Puccini), Jailhouse Rock (Lieber, Stoller),
Father and Son (Stevens), Libiamo (Verdi), My Heart at 
thy Sweet Voice (Saint-Saens), Great Balls of Fire (Lewis)


The 21st Corona Concert: Friday April 10: Here and Here
Intro: Drone in D 4 (Brownell), Can't Spend What You Ain't Got, Can't Lose What you Ain't Never Had (Morganfield), Lacrymosa (Mozart), Father and Son (Stevens), Nocturne (Fields), Heartbreak Hotel (Leiber, 
Stoller), L'Essentiel (Aznavour), I Shall Be Released 
(Dylan), Valse Lente from Coppelia (Delibes), The Old Rugged Cross (Bennard), Hey Jude (Lennon, McCartney)

The 20th Corona Concert: Thursday April 9: Here
Intro: Drone in C 2 (Brownell), Midnight Hour (Pickett), 
Humoresque (Dvorak), The Viper (Waller), 
Canon in D (Paschabel), Footprints in the Sand (Brownell, Couture, Fallis), Minuet (Beethoven),
Shape I'm In (Robertson), Fantasie in Dm (Mozart), Me and Bobby McGee (Kristofferson)


The 19th Corona Concert: Tuesday April 7: Here
Intro: Drone in A 8 (Brownell), Jessica (Betts) / Fur Elise (Beethoven) / Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Lennon, McCartney) / Waltz in Am (Chopin) / Bei
Mir Bist Du Schön (Cahn, Chaplin, Jacobs, 
Secunda), Can't Help Falling in Love With You (Creatore, Peretti, Weiss), Little Prelude in C (Bach),
Heaven is in Your Mind (Brownell, McGale, Mercer)

The 18th Corona Concert: Monday April 6: Here
Intro: Drone in G 3 (Brownell), Not Fade Away (Holly), April Waltz (Brownell), Single Life Blues (Brownell), Consolation #5 (Liszt), Let it Bleed (Jagger, Richards), 
Funeral for a Marionette (Gounod)Willin (George)
A Little Less Conversation (Strange)


The 17th Corona Concert: Sunday April 5: Here
Intro: Drone in D (Brownell), Make Me a Channel of  Your Peace (Francis, Pulkingham, Temple), Arioso 
(Bach), Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Johnson),
 Hab'aa (Hirsh) / Wild World (Stevens), Land of
  Hope and Glory (Elgar), Artsa Alinu (Navon), La
 Gigue de la Riviere Rouge (Brownell), Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Challinor, Parker), The Wedding
Song (Brownell), We'll Meet Again (Charles, Parker)

The 16th Corona Concert: Saturday April 4: Here
Intro: Drone in B (Brownell), Desire (Brownell), Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury), The Trees of Budapest (Trad), Big Boss Man (Reed), Musetta's Waltz (Puccini), Meditation (Massenet), Aida March (Verdi), Lean on Me (Withers)


The 15th Corona Concert: Friday April 3: Here
Intro: Drone in A 7 (Brownell), Crosseyed Cat (Morganfield)Jerusalem Processional (Brownell), Espresso Grind (Brownell)Ave Maria (Schubert)D'yer Maker (Page. Plant), Radetzky March (Strauss), The
Way We Were (Bergman, Bergman, Hamlisch), Minuet in G / Minuet in Gm (Bach), Mystery Train (Parker)

The 14th Corona Concert: Thursday April 2: Here
Intro: Drone in G 2 (Brownell), Just a Gigolo (Brammer, Caesar, Casucci, Graham, Williams), Emperor Waltz (Strauss), You are My Sunshine (Hurt) / Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (Trad), Air on a G String
(Bach), Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker, Fisher, Reid),
Suspicious Minds (Zambon) 

The 13th Corona Concert: Wednesday April 1: Here
Intro: Drone in A 6 (Brownell), Ain't Wasting Time No More (Allman), Merry Widow 1 (Lehar), Ain't She Sweet (Ager, Yellen), Isle of Capri (Grosz, Kennedy), Kodachrome 
(Simon), Sonatina (Beethoven), Carry Me Carrie (Silverstein),  The Entertainer (Joplin), Carey (Mitchell)


The 12th Corona Concert: Tuesday March 31: Here
Intro: Drone in A 5 (Brownell), Iko Iko (Dr. John), Down  South in New Orleans (Charles), Waltz
for Luba (Brownell)
, Cecilia (Simon), Sitting
Limbo (Cliff), Pour un Instant (Fiori, 
Normandeau), None but the Lonely
Heart (Tchaikovsky), Ring Around the
Rosie Rag (Guthrie), Moscow Nights
(Matusovsky, Solovyov), AidenWaiden
(Brownell), Two Guitars (Trad), Let It Be
(Lennon, McCartney), Pressure (Brownell),
Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 11th Corona Concert: Monday March 30: Here
Intro: Drone in A 4 (Brownell), Angel from Montgomery (Prine), Sugar Magnolia (Hart, Hunter, Lesh)Flight of the Hawk (Brownell)Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul (O'Brien),
Spring Song (Mendelssohn), I'm Bad (Jackson),
Wonderful Tonight (Clapton)

The 10th Corona Concert: Sunday March 29: Here
Intro: Drone in Eb 1 (Brownell), Listen to Your Children Praying (Medema), Morning has Broken (Farjeon, Wakeman), Sonatina (Clementi), Shalom Elechem 
Melech Israel /Tumblalaika / Israel Chai (Trad),
 Venetian Gondola Song (Mendelsssohn), Could
You Be Loved (Marley), In the Bulb There is a Flower 
(Sleeth) I'll Be There (Davis, Gordy Hutchison, West)


The 9th Corona Concert: Saturday March 28: Here
Intro: Drone in Gm 1 (Brownell), Harry Potter Theme (Williams)The Iberian Dances 1: Call from the Alhambra, 2: Malaga Habanera, 3: Valencia Waltz,
4: Galician Lament, 5: Toledo Hora, 6: Spanish
Serenade, 7: Return to the Alhambra (Brownell),
Take My Breath Away (Hamill)


The 8th Corona Concert: Friday March 27: Here
Intro:Drone in G 1 (Brownell), Ziggy Stardust (Bowie)
Princess Waltz (Brownell), Imagine (Lennon),
Richards), Waltz in Am (Chopin), Can't Give You
Anything but Love (Fields, Hugh), Serenade (Schubert),
Black or White (Jackson), A Wild Rose (MacDowell),
Truckin' (Garcia, Hunter, Lesh, Weir)


The 7th Corona Concert: Thursday March 26: Here
Intro: Drone in D 2 (Brownell), Sweet Home Alabama (Collins, Van Zant)Two Birthdays in July (Brownell), 
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon), An die Musik (Schubert), Come Get Love (Vegas),  Largo (Handel), 
Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell)Ripple (Garcia, Hunter),
Ed's Boogie (Brownell)


6th Corona Concert: Wednesday March 25: Here
Intro: Drone in A 3 (Brownell), Fire on the Mountain (Hart, Hunter), Skater's Waltz (Waldteufel), That's Alright Mama (Crudup)Jesu Joy (Bach), Will It Go Round In Circles (Preston), Wish You Were Here (Waters), Czardas (Monti), Thriller (Temperton), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 5th Corona Concert: Tuesday March 24: Here
Intro: Drone in D 1 (Brownell), Statesboro Blues (McTell), Tangier Suite 1: P'tit Souk, 2: Kasbah, 3: Medina, 4: Interzone, 5: Return to P'tit Souk (Brownell), Blowing in the Wind 
(Dylan), Nocturne in Eb (Chopin), I Know You Rider 
(Trad), Fledermaus (Strauss Jr.)Ghostbusters (Parker)

The 4th Corona Concert: Monday March 23: Here
Intro: Drone in A 2 (Brownell), Scarlet Begonias 
(Garcia, Hunter), Gypsy Baron (Strauss Jr.), Dixie Chicken (George), Pathetique 2nd Mov (Beethoven), 
I Want You Back (Gordy, Mizell, Perren, Richards), 
Wave (Jobim), Matchmaker (Harnick, Jerrold), Gypsy Dance (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 3rd Corona Concert: Sunday March 22: Here
Intro: Drone in Fm 1 (Brownell), Just Dropped In (Newbury) / The Gambler (Schlitz), Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov. (Beethoven), Rhiannon (Nicks), The Magic Forest 3, 4 (Brownell). In the Garden (Miles), Hava Nagila (Trad) / Friend of the Devil (Garcia, Hunter)Hallelujah (Cohen)

The 2nd Corona Concert: Saturday March 21: Here
Intro: Drone in A 1 (Brownell, Here Comes the Sun (Harrison), Three Little Birds / Stir It Up (Marley), 
The Magyk Forest 1, 2 (Brownell), Can You Feel It (M., J. Jackson), Franklin's Tower (Garcia, Kreutzmann, Hunter)​, Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Ellington), 
Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 1st Corona Concert: Friday March 20: Here
Intro: Drone in C 1 (Brownell, Hummingbird Waltz (Brownell), One for All (Brownell, Couture, Fallis), The Water Sprites 1: The Source, 2: The Mirror Pool, 3: The Enchanted River (Brownell),  Eyes of the World
(Garcia, Hunter), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

Hi everyone: Between March 20 and May 31 2020, with the Covid 19 Health Crisis eliminating all my concert work, I went to work online. Over the next 73 days I streamed 67 forty to sixty minute volunteer performances on Facebook with only six nights off. Each night I did between 7 and 16 classical, blues, rock or pop originals and covers, and by June 1st I had played over 600 different tunes!!! The Second Corona Concert Series began immediately after and concluded with our 100th show on September 11, 2020. You can follow me Here to see these concerts live, and you can see the first of these series Here!!!


The most wonderful achievement in this entire endeavour was due to the effort of ALL who took part. This was the creation of the most loving, kind and generous community I have ever witnessed. People from half the countries on earth came in as strangers and left as family. Many were health care workers taking a much needed break from their heroic efforts on the front lines. Some friends came in grieving, having just lost family members to the terrible disease and others, especially some of those working in hospitals, came in suffering from Covid 19 itself. I exist to bring people together, but the gift we all received from each other surpassed anything I could have dreamt of. Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this live music community ... We grew TOGETHER apart!!!While every single person contributed,


I have to mention three people who really helped me. My mom MeeMee, my grandson Aiden, and my wife Nechama. Each day I would call MeeMee just before the concert and she would listen, advising me and encouraging me after the concert was over. This was priceless and my gratitude and love for my mom is eternal. Aiden was also a constant presence at the shows and I am so grateful for my boy's energy and support!!! He also came up with so many great song ideas from the Elvis, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters,Trolls and Jackson Five catalogs!!!  


Finally, no-one did more than my wife Nechama. Her efforts to allow me the practice time as well as the inspiration to do my musical work were incredible, and even more so when we consider that she had just experienced a huge surgery on her back less than two weeks before we began the Concert Series. None of this would have been remotely possible without my wonderful wife and, to put it simply, I am the luckiest man in the world to be at the side of my Princess!!!  


Now, while this is the END of Part One of the Corona Concert Series, we will get together at a reduced rate as long as I am able. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming into our living room each night to be our family. We love you!!!

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