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The Corona Family

Concerts: Part Two

The Second Corona Concert Series is OVER!!! On June 3rd, 2020, the new concert series started with 7PM concerts on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with an additional "adult" concert at 9PM on the second Friday of every month. We finished on September 11th with our 33rd show of the series and our 100th show since the beginning of the Pandemic!!! 

What an amazing experience it has been!!! Every concert night between 400 and 2,500 households watched, and on almost every subsequent day I was blessed to answer over 500 comments from our Corona Family!!! The love and the community which has grown around the concerts just cannot be described in words. Not only have they supported the music, they have supported us and each other through the illnesses and deaths caused by Covid-19. On top of that, the entire Corona Family came together for Lebanon after the Beirut explosion on August 4th. I dedicated two concerts as fundraisers, and with the help of Oxfam-Quebec we raised well over $3,000 for relief efforts!!!

Although EVERYONE gave love and energy at these concerts, three people gave the most: I must thank again my beautiful wife Nechama for all her work organizing our days, inviting friends, answering requests and letting people know what I was wearing so they came to the right concert!!! I also want to express my gratitude to my wonderful mom MeeMee who took care of all the logistics when I gave concerts from Ottawa, and of course gave me musical advice after each show!!! My amazing grandson Aiden has constantly given me inspiration at the shows and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart!!! AidenWaiden is the second theme song of our Corona Family and it is such a joy to know everyone is singing Aiden's name and praises along with his "Papa"!!!


Follow me on Facebook Here to see the Third Corona Family Concert Series when we resume in November, and come to Corona 1 Here to see the first series of these shows. Meanwhile, welcome to the warmest, most welcoming and most wonderful community ANYWHERE as you enjoy these past shows, and don't forget to dance, sing-along, comment and SHARE your favourites with your own loved ones!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!


The 100th Corona Concert: Friday Sept 11 at 9PM FREAKY FRIDAY FINALE: Here

Drone (Brownell), Freaker's Ball (Silverstein), The Joker (Miller), Ripple (Garcia, Hunter), Ein Gedi 1: The Negev (Brownell), Ein Gedi 2: Founding 57' (Brownell), 

Great Balls of Fire (Lewis), Big Ten Inch (Weismantel), Why Does it Hurt When

I Pee (Zappa), The Viper (Waller), Making It Natural (Silverstein), Let it Be (Lennon, McCartney), AidenWaiden (Brownell), There is a Time (Brownell), The Water Sprites 1-3 (Brownell), Freebird (Collins, Van Zant),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 99th Corona Concert: Wed Sept 9 Edwin Orion Brownell Goes Baroque: Here

Drone (Brownell), Baroque Birthday (Trad), Wonderful Tonight (Clapton), La Rejuissance (Handel), Minuet in G (Petzold), Minuet in G Minor (Petzold), Prelude in C (Bach), Arioso (Bach), Baroque Fanfare (Mouret), Sonatina in G (Beethoven), Jerusalem Processional (Brownell), Minuet in G (Beethoven), Air on a G String (Bach), Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker,Fisher, Reid), Sonatina (Clementi), Air 

(Purcell), Little Prelude in C (Bach), Sonatina in F (Beethoven), Largo (Handel), 

Canon in D (Pachabel), Sheep May Safely Graze (Bach), Aiden Waiden Short (Brownell), Sonatina Op 20 (Kuhlau), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 98th Corona Concert: Saturday Sept 5 An Evening of Blues: Here

Drone (Brownell), Statesboro Blues (McTell), Happy Birthday Blues (Trad),

Cover of the Rolling Stone (Silverstein), Rockin' the Blues (Brownell), Deep Elem Blues (Garcia, Hunter), Single Life Blues (Brownell), One Sweet Night (Brownell), Nine Below Zero (Morganfield), Gotta Find a Way (Brownell), Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Cox), Messing With the Kid (London), The Truth Hurts (Brownell), Flip, Flop and Fly (Calhoun, Turner), Hoochie Coochie Man (Dixon), 

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 97th Corona Concert: Wed Sept 2 Journey of the Spirit (2007) Two: Here

Drone (Brownell), Surik March (Brownell), Galician Lament (Brownell), 

Toledo Hora (Brownell), Spanish Serenade (Brownell), Return to the Alhambra (Brownell), Pressure (Brownell), The Golden Dreams Waltz (Brownell), The Magyk Forest 1-4 (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 96th Corona Concert: Saturday Aug 29 One for All (2012): Here

Aiden Waiden Long (Brownell), One For All (Brownell, Couture, Falls), Low Blood Sugar Blues (Brownell), Footprints in the Sand (Brownell), So Many Ways (Brownell), Waltz for Luba (Brownell), Party (Brownell), She's Gone (Brownell),

Who Really Loves You (Brownell), Heaven is in Your Mind (Brownell, McGale, Mercer), Ed's Boogie (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 95th Corona Concert: Wednesday Aug 26 The Inside Track (2016): Here

Drone (Brownell), Orlando Prayer (Brownell, Zanca), Dreamwaltz (Brownell), Jerusalem Smiles (Brownell), Kew Garden Waltz (Brownell), Sight (Brownell, Bissessar, Burns, McIntosh, Muir), Montreal Cappuccino (Brownell), The Inside Track (Brownell), Queen Charlotte's Cottage (Brownell), Ticket to Paradise (Brownell), The River of Love 1-4 (Brownell), Hava Nagila (Trad), 

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 94th Corona Concert: Saturday Aug 22 The 2nd BenefitHere and Here


One for All (Brownell, Couture, Fallis), High Hopes (Can, Van Heusen), 

Listen to the Music (Johnston), Longing (Brownell), Father and Son (Stevens), 

Isle of Capri (Grosz, Kennedy), Hummingbird Waltz (Brownell), Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon), Karma (Brownell), Hallelujah (Cohen), Imagine (Lennon), Aiden Waiden (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 93rd Corona Concert: Wednesday Aug 19 SMILE (2009): Here


Drone (Brownell), Gypsy Dance (Brownell), Two Birthdays in July (Brownell),

O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini), Secrets (Brownell), Espresso Grind (Brownell), Sisters (Brownell), Princess Waltz (Brownell), Traumerei (Schumann),

The Scientist (Brownell), Song for my Father (Brownell), Flight of the Hawk 

(Brownell), Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Foster), Aiden Waiden Short (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 92nd Corona Concert: Sat Aug 15 Somebody's Watching You (1996): Here

Drone (Brownell), Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Zawinul), Somebody's Watching You 

(Brownell), Old Blue Jeans (Brownell), Running Away (Brownell), There is a Time (Brownell), Light in Your Eyes (Brownell, Epton, Manly), I Wish (Wonder), Something You Got (Kenner), The Captain (Brownell), On a Road (Brownell, Swain),

Choose Your Own Way (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 91st Corona Concert: Friday Aug 14 ADULT ONLY Friday Freakout: Here

Drone (Brownell), Magic Carpet Ride (Kay, Rushton), The Pusher (Aston),

Born to be Wild (Bonfire), The Weight (Robertson), Don't Bogart Me (Ingber, Wagner), Revelation #9 (Manly), Wasn't Born to Follow (King), If You Want to be

a Bird (Duren), If Six Was Nine (Hendrix), Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Lennon, McCartney), It's Alright Ma (Dylan), Ballad of Easy Rider (McGuinn), 

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 90th Corona Concert: Wed Aug 12 Songs of Love and Marriage 1 (2012): Here

Drone (Brownell), Desire (Brownell), Let Them Talk (Laurie), Shiri (Brownell), Nocturne in E Flat (Chopin), As Time Goes By (Hupfeld), The Bridegroom's Melody (Brownell), Wings of a Dove (Brownell), My Beloved Emily (Brownell, Modlin), 

Ave Maria (Schubert), The Wedding Song (Brownell), Together (Brownell),

The Mother's Love Waltz (Brownell), Wedding March (Mendelssohn),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 89th Corona Concert: Sat August 8: Songs of the Sun and Moon: Here 

Drone (Brownell), Here Comes the Sun (Harrison), Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty), House of the Rising Sun (Trad), Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven), Blue Moon (Hart, Rogers), Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (Withers), Moon River (Mancini, Mercer), Fly Me to the Moon (Howard), Claire de Lune (Debussy), You are My Sunshine (Hurt), Moondance (Van Morrison), Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine In (MacDermot, Rado, Ragni), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)



The 88th Corona Concert: Wed Aug 5: Gaiete Parisienne: Here

Drone (Brownell), Going to Maxim's (Lehar), Il Faut Savoir (Aznavour), Waltz in B Minor (Chopin), Non, je ne regrette rien (Dumont, Vaucaire), Adieu Waltz (Chopin), Momo Blues (Brownell, Belanger), L'essentiele (Aznavour), La Vie En Rose (Piaf), Tales of Hoffman 1: Can Can (Offenbach), 2: Waltz (Offenbach),

3: Barcarolle (Offenbach), 4: Can Can (Offenbach), 

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 87th Corona Concert: Sat Aug 1: Barbara's Reggae Night: Here

Drone (Brownell), Jammin' (Marley), The Harder They Come (Cliff), Could You Be Loved (Marley), Man Smart - Women Smarter (Span), Sitting in Limbo (Cliff), Three Little Birds (Marley), Stir It Up (Marley), Jamaica Farewell (Burgie),

Many Rivers To Cross (Cliff), I Shot the Sheriff (Marley), No Woman No Cry (Marley), AidenWaiden Reggae Style (Brownell), One Love (Marley),

Amazing Grace (Newton), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


 86th Corona Concert: Wed July 29 EVA"S CHOICE Vienna and Budapest: Here

Drone (Brownell), Artists Life (Strauss II), Hungarian Dance #5 (Brahms),

Ich Liebe Dich (Beethoven), Ben Budai Harstak (Trad), Waltz in Ab (Brahms),

The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss II), Czardas #2  (Brownell), I Am Home (Lakatos), Czardas (Monti), Consolation #5 (Liszt), Gypsy Dance (Brownell),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 85th Corona Concert: Sat July 25 Watkin's Glen Two: Here

Drone (Brownell), Eyes of the World (Garcia, Hunter), Not Fade Away (Holly), 

Sugar Magnolia (Hunter, Weir), Ripple (Garcia, Hunter), Chest Fever (Robertson), 

I Shall Be Released (Dylan), Don't Want You No More (Davis, Hardin), Not My Cross To Bear (Allman), Blue Sky (Betts), One Way Out (Dixon), Melissa (Allman), Ramblin' Man (Betts), Whipping Post (Allman), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 84th Corona Concert: Wed July 22 Music of the Dance Two: Here

Drone (Brownell), The Hummingbird Waltz (Brownell), Mazurka from Coppelia (Delibes), Pizzicato (Delibes), Valse Lente from Coppelia (Delibes), Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Tchaikovsky), Dance of the Reed Flutes (Tchaikovsky),

Pas de deus from Giselle (Adam), Mazurka (Chopin), Waltz in C sharp Minor  (Chopin), Polovetsian Dances (Borodin), The Swan (Saints-Seans), Willin' (George), The Magic Forest 1: The Faery Gallop (Brownell), 2: The Dryads (Brownell), 3: Enchanted (Brownell), 4: The Faery Callop Reprise (Brownell),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 83rd Corona Concert: Sat July 18 Muscle Shoals: Here and Here

Drone (Brownell), Two Birthdays in July (Brownell), April Waltz (Brownell),

Mustang Sally (Rice), Hey Jude (Lennon, McCartney), Midnight Hour (Cropper, Pickett), Have Mercy (Covay), Baby I Love You (Barry, Greenwich, Spector), 

Kodachrome (Simon), Wild Horses (Jagger, Richards), Loan Me a Dime 

(Robinson), Sweet Home Alabama (King, Rossington, Van Zant),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 82nd Corona Concert: Wed July 15 Music of the Dance (2005) One: Here

Drone (Brownell), Tangier Suite 1-5: (Brownell), Neapolitan Dance (Tchaikovsky), Pas de Quatre (Tchaikovsky), Waltz from Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky), Swan Lake Theme (Tchaikovsky), Sleeping Beauty Waltz (Tchaikovsky), Rose Adagio (Tchaikovsky), The Water Sprites 1-3 (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 81st Corona Concert: Sat July 11 Watkin's Glen One: Here 

Drone (Brownell), Scarlet Begonias (Garcia, Hunter), Fire On the Mountain 

(Hart, Hunter), Brown-eyed Women and Red Grenadine (Garcia, Hunter),

Friend of the Devil (Dawson, Garcia, Hunter), Truckin' (Garcia, Hunter, Lesh, Weir), Up On Cripple Creek (Robertson), When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan), Statesboro Blues (McTell), Jessica (Betts), Fur Elise (Beethoven), Ain't Wasting 

No More (Allman), Grand Valse Brilliant in A Minor (Chopin),

Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 80th Corona Concert: Friday July 10th ADULT ONLY Friday Freakout: Here

Drone (Brownell), Freakers Ball (Silverstein), Sweet Transvestite (Hartley, O'Brien),

I Love Loving  You (Brownell), Long Haired Country Boy (Daniels), It's Tight Like That (Red), Tequila (Flores), Heart Attack (Dixon), Cocaine (Cale), Handyman (Blake, Razaf), Party (Brownell), Dirty Mother For You (Sykes), Makin' It Natural (Silverstein), Just a Gigolo (Brammer, Caesar, Casucci), You Can Leave Your Hat On (Newman), Casey Jones (Garcia, Hunter), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 79 Corona Concert: Wed July 8th Journey of the Spirit (2007): Here and Here Drone (Brownell), Running Away (Brownell), Freedom Dance (Brownell),

Ostfront Psalm (Brownell), Fanø Dance (Brownell), The Voyage Home (Brownell), Espresso Grind (Brownell), Bad Luck Blues (Brownell), Choose Your Own Way (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 78th Corona Concert: Sat July 4th Woodstock Two: Here

AidenWaiden (Brownell), Woodstock (Mitchell), Freedom - Motherless Child (Burleigh, Havens), Ring Around the Rosie Rag (Guthrie), , Mr Tambourine Man (Dylan), Born on the Bayou (Fogerty), Jack Straw (Garcia, Hunter), Shape I'm In 

(Robertson), Me and Bobby McGee (Kristofferson), She's Not There (Argent), 

Evil Ways (Henry), Little Wing (Hendrix), All Along the Watchtower (Dylan), Star Spangled Banner (Kay, Smith), Little Help From My Friends (Lennon, McCartney), AidenWaiden Short (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 77th Corona Concert: Wed July 1st Songs of Canada: Here

Drone (Brownell), Darktown Strutters Ball (Brooks), Atlantic Storm (Brownell), Helpless (Young), First Contact (Brownell), Carey (Mitchell), La gigue de la Riviere Rouge (Brownell), Out of the Blue (Robertson), Song of the North (Brownell), Mes blues passent pus dans' porte (Boulet, Huet, LaBoeuf), Bow River Sunrise (Brownell), Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell), Wreck Beach Sunset (Brownell) Halleluljah (Cohen), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik),

O Canada (Lavallée)


The 76th Corona Concert: Sat June 27 Woodstock One: Here

Drone (Brownell), Woodstock (Mitchell), Coming into Los Angeles (Guthrie), 

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Trad), I'm Going  Home (Lee), Franklin's Tower (Garcia, Hunter, Kreutzmann), Green River (Fogerty), The Weight (Robertson), Teach YourChildren (Nash), Feeling Alright (Mason), Summertime (Gershwin), Black Magic Woman (Green), One Como Va (Puenta), Red House (Hendrix), Wild Thing (Taylor), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 75th Corona Concert: Wed June 24 JACCO'S CHOICE Fete National: Here
 All You Need is Love (Lennon, McCartney), The Iberian Dances 1-3 
(Brownell), Face the Music (Brownell), Light in Your Eyes (Brownell), 
June (Tchaikowsky), Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury),
Two Guitars (Vasiliev), Pour un Instant (Fiori, Normandeau), L'Essentiel
(Aznavour), Câline de blues (Boulet, Harel, Lamothe), River of Love 1-4 (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 74th Corona Concert: Sat. June 20th AMIR'S CHOICE British Invasion: Here
Intro: Drone (Brownell), Your Time is Gonna Come (Jones, Page), Pinball Wiz (Townsend), Wonderful Tonight (Clapton), Let It Be (McCartney, Lennon), 
Let It Bleed (Jagger, Richards), My Sweet Lord (Harrison), Behind Blue Eyes (Townsend), Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker, Fisher, Reid), Get Back (Lennon, McCartney),  Smoke on the Water (Blackmore, Gillian, Glover, Lord, Paice), Hey Jude (Lennon, McCartney), Lola (Davies), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 73rd Corona Concert: Wednesday June 17th NECHAMA'S CHOICE: Here
Intro: Drone (Brownell), One For All (Brownell, Couture, Fallis), The Pink Panther (Mancini), Together (Brownell), Wings of a Dove (Brownell), Ba'shana Ha Baa (Hirsh), Wild World (Stevens), Forever Laughter (Brownell), Those Were the Days (Raskin), Les Amours de Tutu et Lili (Brownell, Belanger, Ouellet), The Bohemian Life (Puccini), Your Tiny Hand is Frozen (Puccini),  Besame Mucho (Velasquez), Princess Waltz (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 72nd Corona Concert: Saturday June 13th Maimonides Pops (2005): Here
Intro: Ed's Boogie (Brownell), Bocherinni's Minuet (Bocherinni), Fantasie in D
Minor (Mozart), Sonatina in G (Beethoven), Prelude in E Minor (Chopin),
Come On (King), None But the Lonely Heart (Tchaikowsky), The Entertainer (Joplin), Prince Igor (Borodin), The Magyk Forest: 1: The Faery Gallop,
2: The Dryads, 3: The Enchanted Forest, 4: Faery Gallop Reprise (Brownell),
Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 71st Corona Concert: Friday June 12th Adult ONLY Night: Here
Intro: Drone (Brownell), Freaker's Ball (Silverstein), Champagne and Reefer (Morganfield), Viper (Waller), Don't Bogart Me (Ingber,  Wagner), I Turned You On (Isley X 4), Let me Play with Your Poodle (Red), Why Does It Hurt When I Pee (Zappa), Big Ten Inch (Jackson)White Rabbit (Slick), Let Me Roll Your Lemon (Carter), Let's Go get Stoned (Charles), Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Lennon, McCartney)Take You Home (Brownell)Mess Around (Charles)


The 70th Corona Concert: Wed June 10th MEEMEE's Vienna Theme Night: Here
Intro: Drone (Brownell), Fanø Dance (Brownell), Tales From the Vienna Woods (Strauss II), The Merry Widow I (Lehar), Waves of the Danube (Ivanvici), The Merry Widow II (Lehar), Waltz for Luba (Brownell), Radetzky March (Strauss I)
AidenWaiden-short (Brownell) Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 69th Corona Concert: SatJune 6th ANNE's New Orleans Theme Night: Here
Intro: Drone (Brownell), Cissy Strut (Modeliste, Neville, Nocentelli, Porter), Love the One You're With (Stills), Somebody's Watching You (Brownell), Yellow Moon 
(Neville), Iko Iko (Hawkins, Johnson), Dixie Chicken (George), Big Chief (Longhair), 
St, James Infirmary (Mills, Primrose), Gotta Find a Way (Brownell), One
Sweet Night (Brownell), Right Place Wrong Time (Rebennac), When the Saints (Trad), Down South in New Orleans (Charles), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)


The 68th Corona Concert: Wed June 3rd: Here
Intro: Drone in C (Brownell), Don't Want You No More (Davis, Sawyer), Not My Cross 2 Bear (Allman), Voices of Spring (Strauss II), Singing in the Rain (Brown, Comden, Freed, Green), Nocturne in Eb (Chopin), Wings of a Dove (Brownell), Il Faut Savoir (Aznavour), What a Wonderful World (Thiele, Weiss), Gypsy Dance (Brownell), AidenWaiden (Brownell), Smile Baby Smile (Brownell, Surik)

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