Composer, Concert Pianist and Entertainer

Edwin Orion Brownell

Solo and with the Zara Strings

Edwin Orion Brownell Goes Baroque.jpeg

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What the reviews are saying:

Bravo to musician extraordinaire Edwin Brownell who recently celebrated the one year anniversary of his Corona Family Concert Series with show number 117 ... Since mid-December alone, well over 1,000 households have viewed each concert, and the energy is so positive it is hard to describe.

The Suburban, March 2021

“Edwin Orion Brownell has just launched his Third Corona Family Concert Series via Facebook ... Upwards of 1000 people see each concert ... from every continent and from most countries on earth." 

Mike Cohen, December 2020, January 2021

"Brownell's performances have garnered critical acclaim from Brooklyn to Berlin, filling concert halls from Montreal to Morocco."

NDG Free Press November 2012

“An expressive pianist with a knack for melody, Brownell as a solo performer draws from both his jam-happy roots influences and formal music training. ”
Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, Thursday May 10th, 2012

“When a musician of Edwin’s talent and ability performs it has a powerful effect”
Maimonides Perspective 2005

(He) displays his virtuosity through rapid-fire arpeggios and modal runs.”

NDG Free Press November 2012

“A mixture of blues and classical . . . The three pieces that flow into one another in The Water Sprites are enchanting. His Faery Gallop is absolutely wonderful.”
The Montreal Chronicle 2005

“Tremendous playing . . . (his) left hand arpeggiation was flawless.”
“Geebz” 2006

“A terrific keyboardist . . . with marvelously agile fingers”
Glebe Report 2006

“His compositions are dramatic and emotionally charged: there is gentleness and there is power.”
The Montreal Chronicle 2006

"Edwin Orion Brownell could make the piano really sing . . . When he finished, he finished to a standing ovation and applause, applause, applause   . . "
Cote St. Luc Bulletin, 2008