Composer, Concert Pianist and Entertainer

Edwin Orion Brownell

Solo and with the Zara Strings

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What the reviews are saying:

"Brownell's performances have garnered critical acclaim from Brooklyn to Berlin, filling concert halls from Montreal to Morocco."

NDG Free Press November 2012

“An expressive pianist with a knack for melody, Brownell as a solo performer draws from both his jam-happy roots influences and formal music training. ”
Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, Thursday May 10th, 2012.

“When a musician of Edwin’s talent and ability performs it has a powerful effect”
Maimonides Perspective 2005

(He) displays his virtuosity through rapid-fire arpeggios and modal runs.”

NDG Free Press November 2012

“A mixture of blues and classical . . . The three pieces that flow into one another in The Water Sprites are enchanting. His Faery Gallop is absolutely wonderful.”
The Montreal Chronicle 2005

“Tremendous playing . . . (his) left hand arpeggiation was flawless.”
“Geebz” 2006

“A terrific keyboardist . . . with marvelously agile fingers”
Glebe Report 2006

“His compositions are dramatic and emotionally charged: there is gentleness and there is power.”
The Montreal Chronicle 2006

"Edwin Orion Brownell could make the piano really sing . . . When he finished, he finished to a standing ovation and applause, applause, applause   . . "
Cote St. Luc Bulletin, 2008

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